Perhaps you’ve just completed your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and received investment. Awesome! You’re now looking to invest in staff, business processes, and infrastructure. But wait… What if, instead of hiring a team of DevOps Engineers, you could rely on a team of experts to come on-site to collaborate with your development team to solidify the necessary processes, design and deploy an appropriate cloud infrastructure, and then support it on an ongoing basis – all at a price-point significantly below that of a dedicated team?

Why? Employing full-time staff to implement and support CI/CD frameworks and cloud infrastructure is difficult and costly. There are the employee lifecycle costs – recruitment, training, salary, benefits, holiday cover, office fees, redundancy, etc – as well as the difficulty in finding and retaining quality staff. That, coupled with high churn within the IT industry, insufficient technical documentation for replacement staff, and challenges entrusting the availability, security, and reliability of the solution to a small team, makes for difficult road ahead.

How? It starts with one of our highly experienced DevOps Engineers arriving at your offices at project commencement to work closely with your team, understand the technical requirements, and collaborate with them to build out a tailor-made solution for your business. The onsite element can take anything from a few days to upwards of a month, depending on the complexity of the solution, the amount of onsite collaboration necessary, and the training we’ll need to provide to your technical staff. Prior to the solution going live, its continually reviewed by our team, and technical training and documentation is provided to your staff. Post-handover, our team continues to maintain and enhance the solution.

Many of the projects we’ve worked on employ very similar concepts and tools, enabling us to bootstrap new environments quickly with minimal reworking required – the majority of the remaining work then goes into the ‘glue’ required to make everything work together in an efficient, secure, and stable manner.

Cost? This will depend on a multitude of factors. We guarantee that our pricing will be significantly below that of both permanent and contract staff working onsite when considering the full lifecycle of the solution.