Validate an idea or publicise a new business

Let us build your online presence - "quick fast"

The idea of building a new business from scratch is daunting.

Its prudent to start with validating the idea by gauging interest and demand, and a great way of doing that is by developing an online presence. But considering all the things that you’ll need to do often stops most founders dead in their tracks.

We’d like to change that!

We’re developing a suite of automation to help founders and small business owners alike go from ‘zero to hero’ by quickly building out their online presence. This includes:

  • domain purchase
  • email setup (Google Workspace) [+ fancy stuff, like SPF, DKIM, etc]
  • website deployment [+ Search Engine Optimisation, DDoS protection, etc]
  • social media [Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc]
  • online booking calendar integration
  • online payment platform integration
  • configure shopify or amazon marketplace
  • online conferencing platform integration
  • single sign on (SSO), wherever possible, so you dont need to remember 100 account details!

As your business grows, we can also help you to:

  • Develop a secure, cost optimised cloud infrastructure
  • Deploy and utilise 3rd party tools to help your growing team operate more efficiently