Fractional DevOps

Fractional DevOps Consultancy Services

Are you having trouble finding and retaining a seasoned DevOps/SRE professional?

Do you know how much you’re (over)spending in your cloud?

Are you encountering infrastructure issues that your team is struggling to resolve?

Would you like a ‘second pair of eyes’ to analyse your infrastructure and suggest optimisations?

We can help!

We provide a ‘Fractional DevOps/SRE’ service to companies looking to scale their businesses quickly, whilst ensuring minimal cloud spend. You’ll have access to a seasoned DevOps Engineer 24/7, who will be available to plan, build, deploy, and support your infrastructure, and provide advice to your staff when you need it most. This approach reduces staffing costs, improves business continuity, gives you out of hours support, and enables your team to benefit from the ’lessons’ learned from other customer environments.

Our customers have all realised significant cloud cost savings, material improvements in infrastructure uptime, reliability and security, and a precipitous fall in stress levels as a result of retaining our services… you should too!

What is the fee? Generally less than 1/2 - 1/4 the cost of a full-time resource, and we can often find these savings for you in cloud cost optimisations.

For more information regarding our DevOps/SRE services, please take a look at our other pages or reach out to us for a no-obligation discovery call.