Startup in a Box

You provide the app; We provide everything else!

We call it ‘Startup-in-a-Box’, but its so much more!

Businesses we’ve spoken to are struggling to hire experienced DevOps/SRE Engineers to build and maintain their infrastructure. We’re addressing that challenge head-on by providing the following:

  • We build a tailor-made system around your requirements (AWS/Azure/GCP Infrastructure)
  • We engineer all the relevant automations to ensure your team works efficiently (CI/CD pipelines; etc)
  • We apply all the relevant industry best practices to build process (Security, Technology Stack, etc)
  • We teach your development team how to get the best use of the tools (Logging and Monitoring, Automation, etc)
  • We deploy all the relevant logging and monitoring tools to give you the insights you need
  • We provide 24/7 DevOps/SRE support for your systems, so that you can rest assured
  • We provide ongoing cost-optimisation for your cloud systems, negating the need for expensive tools and minimising waste

Not only that, but we’re able to do this at industry leading prices by leveraging our pre-existing tools and automation.

Please reach out to us for a friendly, no obligation discussion about how we might be able to help you at a fraction of the cost!