Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) are ideally placed to help businesses grow by helping to minimise their costs. However, its difficult to provide consistent levels of support across their offerings – especially where clients are using a mixture of Microsoft, Apple, Linux, and other UNIX derivatives across the organisation. Further, the requirements for supporting an enterprise solution in the cloud often requires specialised staff, who may be uneconomical to retain. Finally, MSPs suffer from employee churn due to many larger businesses often poaching their best staff, which puts enormous pressure on smaller teams.

Enter Automate Everything. Our aim is to provide you with a white-label solution for all your Linux needs. Put simply, we’ll work with you to develop solutions that enable you to attract and retain more business, more efficiently. How? By using automation.

We’ll develop and support the automation you need to provide customers with the controls they want. For example, a web-design agency you support may want to be able to:

  • Purchase a domain and SSL certificate
  • Configure DNS for website and email
  • Deploy a high-availability (HA) LAMP stack (or MEAN stack, etc)
  • Configure firewalls and DDoS protection
  • Deploy monitoring solution (or add new stack to pre-existing monitoring)
  • Configure easy, secure method of allowing clients to update website
  • Complete the above tasks with a single click, without having to contact you for assistance!

The agency we worked with to develop this solution told us it previously took them days to complete these steps. With our automation, they were able to enjoy secure, HA, centrally monitored sites in minutes. 

In essence, we provide you with a bouquet of products and services that you can immediately rebrand and sell on to your clients. You no longer have to worry about staff, training, support (we can handle this for you, if you wish!) Your focus can now be on new business development, managing customer relationships, and accounting!

Sounds great, but what will it cost? Typically most MSPs profit margins are in the region of 23%. Depending on the scope of our partnership, we are typically able to offer between 30-40% margins. Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!