DevOps Engineers are in very high demand, which translates to difficulties in attracting and retaining the right talent. Perhaps you’ve just begun looking at hiring one, or a team, or you’re looking to replace a recent vacancy. Either way, now is the perfect opportunity to consider your options.

Think of us as a hybrid between an Implementation Team – i.e. Consultancy, or a short-term Contractor, and a BAU Team – i.e. a full-time mid-senior level team of staff, with the benefits of both – and hopefully none of drawbacks of either. We’ll begin by working on-site with you to capture and understand your business requirements, propose and seek buy-in on a solution, and then implement in accordance with agreed milestones. Once your internal teams have sufficient working knowledge of, and  confidence in, the solution we’ll transform into a BAU Team, who will continue to maintain and enhance the solution.

We believe that this approach is unlike most other offerings in the market. It addresses a business need our team have identified whilst on deployments across a wide array of companies, and does it at a compelling price point – typically below that of a single member member of senior staff when considering the full lifecycle of the solution. 

Please reach out to us for a discussion, or to request a demo of our offering.