Pre-Revenue Startups

Let us help you minimise costs whilst you scale

Tuesday, Dec 27, 2022

As of 2023, we’re on a war-path with Cloud Cost Overspend. With this in mind, we’ve decided to offer our Cloud Cost Optimisation and DevOps Services to pre-revenue startups free of charge.

As a founder, you need to validate your ideas as efficiently as possible while minimising costs and remaining agile. These priorities are often at odds with one another, and costs spiral as a result. One only needs to consider investments in companies like Spot, Zesty, Granulate, CloudHealth, CloudAbility, Densify, Opsani etc, to appreciate the magnitude of the problem. If you want to maximise profitability and attract VCs, you’ll have to show scalability at the lowest price point - both for staffing and architecture. We’ll help you accomplish this.

Why do we want to help? A few reasons. Firstly, we know how difficult it is to start a business from scratch - countless competing priorities, ever-increasing costs, (un)known unknowns, emotional challenges, customer acquisition, etc - so we’ve decided to help. Secondly, when startups employ an experienced team (us!) and implement the right technical policies early, less time and money are wasted. Thirdly, we want to build symbiotic relationships with (co)founders and their companies, and we think a great way of doing this is by building trust and offering value early on. Finally, by providing our expertise from day one, we deepen our understanding of the challenges faced by startups. This makes us better placed to create more automation to simplify and improve the journey of future entrepreneurs.

How do we do this? By keeping our costs as lean as possible, by building as much automation as possible, and by helping startups to become profitable as quickly as possible. Only once your business has begun generating revenue will our fees commence. And, if we haven’t already mentioned it, our CloudCostOptimisation/DevSecFinOps/SRE/Fractional services will keep your burn rate low, thereby making you more attractive to all VC suitors.

Some of the many things we can help with:

  • Evaluate which SaaS business tools/services most benefit you (Finanace, CRM, Email Marketing, SDR-as-a-Service, Cloud), and help you move between them
  • Identify the cheapest IaaS, should you need it, for your business (AliCloud, AWS, Azure Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Linode, etc)
  • Help you negotiate discounts in your ‘Cloud’ costs from the start
  • Build out your IaaS using industry best practices, while ensuring its secure, meets GDPR/POPI/CCPA requirements, and is cost optimised
  • Provide your team with the software and tools needed to operate at full capacity 100% of the time
  • Provide ongoing support and consultancy services to your team to ensure they make the right architectural decisions early

If you’re interested in having an exploratory discussion about how we can help you build your startup fast, while saving you money, feel free to reach out to us.