DevOps Fails

Areas where DevOps engineers might fall short in their work

Tuesday, Dec 27, 2022

There are a few areas where DevOps engineers might fall short in their work:

Lack of technical skills: DevOps engineers need to have a broad range of technical skills, including proficiency in programming languages, automation tools, and infrastructure as code. If they are not skilled in these areas, they may struggle to implement effective DevOps practices and tools.

Poor communication: DevOps relies heavily on effective communication and collaboration between different teams, such as development, operations, and security. If DevOps engineers struggle to communicate effectively with these teams, it can hinder their ability to implement DevOps practices effectively.

Lack of process knowledge: DevOps involves implementing processes and practices that allow for rapid and reliable software delivery. If DevOps engineers lack knowledge of these processes and how to implement them, they may struggle to effectively implement DevOps practices.

Limited understanding of business goals: DevOps practices and tools should be aligned with the overall business goals of an organization. If DevOps engineers do not have a strong understanding of these goals, they may not be able to implement DevOps practices that effectively support them.

Resistance to change: DevOps involves a significant shift in the way that software is developed and delivered, and it requires a cultural shift within organizations. If DevOps engineers are not able to effectively navigate and manage resistance to change within the organization, they may struggle to successfully implement DevOps practices.

With this in mind, Automate Everything distinguishes itself by implementing the following approaches:

  • We are fanatical about properly understanding and capturing customer requirements, then planning, implementing, and supporting the solutions we roll out
  • We aim to utilise systems and tools that have wide adoption, are well-documented and understood, and which we have a great deal of experience operating
  • We provide ongoing training and support to all parts of the business to ensure that customers maximise the utility of our offering, and that we capture new requirements early
  • We ‘Automate Everything’ possible, so as to maximise the productivity of our customers and our internal team, giving us time to focus on more important things
  • We regularly evaluate new technologies to see how they may benefit our customers, and their workflows, whilst being mindful of minimising ’technical sprawl’
  • We are constantly mindful of the balance between: speed, cost, and quality, but have the benefit of more facetime with certain tech, giving us a greater handle on how to optimise all three