Cloud Cost Optimisation

Where to find the golden nuggets of

Tuesday, Dec 27, 2022

Covid, the Ukraine war, and other factors have all contributed to enormous utility cost increases in 2022. Should it surprise anyone that Cloud providers will, at some point, start to pass on these costs to their clientele?

Some great ways to consider reducing your cloud spend:

  • Optimise code, wherever possible, to minimise resource requirements (i.e. C > Python)
  • Rightsize resources, to ensure you’re not allocating more than needed (e.g. if utilisation is <40%, consider your options)
  • Ensure underlying resource rules dont prevent more aggressive use of system (e.g. EKS nodes have an upper-limit on pods by default)
  • Revisit elasticity requirements, and modify accordingly (e.g. perhaps 1 server is sufficient during offpeak hours)
  • Audit your storage, archive little-utilied data, and delete unnecessary data
  • Take a look at your data egress fees, and consider if there may be more optimal solutions (e.g. AWS users accessing S3 should use the appropriate gateway)
  • Consider long-term resource committments, which may lock-in certain savings and drive down monthly costs, but bind you to a provider
  • Consider competitor cloud platforms, and their potential savings
  • Startups may benefit from migrating to a competitor, and locking in 1st year discounts

For more information in this regard, or for help on the journey, please feel free to reach out to us for a no-obligation discovery call.