Hyperscalers should compete for your business

If mobile providers can do it, so should hyperscalers

Tuesday, Dec 27, 2022

In the early 2000’s, the EU rolled out plans to allow for the portability of mobile phone numbers (MNP) with the intention of increasing competition. This legislation has helped to bring down the cost associated with migrating between providers, reduced contract fees, and ultimately benefitted the consumer. In the UK, market comparison websites have been extremely popular - everyone I know uses ‘skyscanner’, ‘kayak’, or similar for airline seats, and ‘compare the market’ or similar for household insurance, etc. Yet, companies harnessing the cloud have little visibility or understanding of their present cloud costs, no way of easily comparing the fees of competitors, and are not in a position to migrate due to considerable levels of vendor lock-in.

Ultimately, opening up the market in this way by deconstructing the artificial barriers benefits the market. In time, when more companies large and small adopt this approach, hyperscalers like AWS will be forced to respond by cutting prices more aggressively, and reducing the ‘golden handshake’ associated with migrating away from their platform.

Automate Everything takes a different approach with its customers by building the functionality most of our customers didnt know they needed. We aim to architect our automation and ‘Infrastructure as Code’ (IaC) in such a way as to make it simple and easy for our customers to migrate between clouds easily. This benefits clients wishing to take advantage of ’new customer’ discounts, strenghtens their cloud contract renegotiation position, and enables them to respond more quickly to urgent requirements by ‘hitching their trailer to our pickup, and towing it anywhere they wish’.

If you’re unhappy with your current cloud provider, or you frequently suffer from itchy feet syndrome, reach out to us for a no-obligation exploratory call.