DevOps as a (tailor-made) Service for your business

We help you to reduce IT spend, and increase efficiencies. Plus, you get to skip the ongoing hassle and cost of IT recruitment and staff churn. Simple.

The What

A team of expert Dev/Sec/FinOps engineers who deploy and maintain a tailor-made cloud infrastructure for your business.

We have a team of experts ready to work with your team on-site at your location. We’ve found this significantly improves collaboration, allows us to better understand your processes, and significantly shortens cross-training period. Once the solution is deployed, and your team is trained on how to get the best use of it, we continue to support and enhance it remotely.

The Why

Lower costs. Massively improve IT efficiency. Skip the ongoing hassle and cost of IT recruitment and staff churn, while still benefitting from on-site collaboration when needed.

Companies wishing to adopt new IT practices often resort to bringing in a specialist consultancy, a short-term contractor, additional members of staff, or implementing large-scale training exercises across the team. Each approach has its benefits and drawbacks. All require significant cost, loss in productivity, and employee churn. Once implemented, the solutions are often not fit for purpose, improperly maintained, or not optimised for OPEX-minimisation. Our goal is to offer the benefits inherent in all, but more economically. 


The When

You tell us your needs. Together, we agree an implementation period that works for you. We guarantee delivery on time or sooner, or your implementation and first three months service is free*.

 We are so confident in our ability to deliver a solution which will satisfy your technical requirements that we’re willing to guarantee it - another reason to seriously consider our service offering!